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The Adaptive Body Boost

Posted at February 14th, 2019

The Adaptive Body BoostClick Image To Visit SiteThere’s even some stuff out there now that is showing some signs of deceptiveness from the food industry in major studies!  

But There are some VERY IMPORTANT things that the mainstream and big industry keeps from us, and that’s why it can get confusing!

You may have seen me before… My name is Thomas DeLauer, and I’m the guy that was in your shoes (and I’ve even made it into the media because of it)

To be honest though, with the knowledge that I’ve learned and where I’m at these days, I’m pretty satisfied. 

Heck, I’ve learned the foods that I can eat when I’m on the go so I can FINALLY travel. I also have so much more mental clarity that I can run a business, and I’m super lucky in that I have finally been able to get my hormones back in check after years of reducing my calories too much.

It doesn’t mean that I have been like this forever. You might already know my story with my major change…

Sure… I learned how to reduce calories and even regulate my inflammation (you’ve probably seen my world-renowned program), but before I was really able to figure out what I could do long term… there were a lot of struggles. Including finding something that would work for my wife who was suffering from a thyroid condition herself.

When I first started changing my body, I was afraid I would regain the weight that I had lost if I slipped at all.

I also hadn’t been immersed in the research about using my body’s fat stores as a form of energy yet.

AND, I didn’t have the awesome research team and infrastructure that I do now. It was confusing and even when I was IN-SHAPE… Read more…

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